Real Talk: Making Diversity Inclusive in CLT

This event was part of our "Real Talk" series titled, “Making Diversity Inclusive in the CLT”.

The purpose of this session was to identify "50 Places For More Diversity & Inclusion in Charlotte".
This group of self-selected overachievers came up with 98!

Leading this discussion were: Nikki Eason, Aithyni Rucker, Ciara Lilly, Lindsey Braciole, and Stephanie Counts.

98 Opportunities for Greater Diversity & Inclusion in Charlotte

1. Healthcare, Schools (Starting in preschool!) & Many Churches
— Nancy, Pink Mentor Network Member since April 2017. Grew up in Clearwater, FL & was a “Child of the 60’s, married young and have four children. Lived all over Florida then Asheville for 25 years, Moved to Charlotte 6 years ago.

2. Yoga Facilities

Cayme Andrea, @coachcayme
Same-gender loving, black female mom

3. The Banks, Tech, Schools, Churches, Entrepreneurship, Workouts

Kristin Prentice, @kv-prentice
33 y/o woman from CT, in CLT 8 yrs

4.  Panelists/Speakers of all Pop-Up Mentor events

Olanike Ayomide, @olanike
Moved to Charlotte 5 years ago; Lifelong mission to create more
equity everywhere!

5. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Middle Schools

Tori, @toritippin

6. Tech

Meredith Dean,
@merenator, @mydeanslist, @empower_con

7. AMA Charlotte Professional Association (and the creative community in general)

Anna Vordermark, @annavordermark
Corporate Marketer, Homeowner in Charlotte, Mom, Voter

8. Manufacturing & Advanced Manufacturing Industries

Andrea Guzman, @andre81

9. HOA Boards
Carolina Aponte, @carolinainbiz

10. Private Schools
— Susan Marshak, 47 Year-Old, Single, white female, parent of 2 teenage girls, small business owner & Integrative Coach, Athletic Coach
  • “Wedge” Neighborhoods of Charlotte - My neighborhood

  • Senior leadership levels of any organization / Work

  • Predominately Black Female Groups

  • Predominately Black Female Groups

  • Corporate Lawyers

  • East / South Union Co

  • Gay Only Groups without LBT+

  • Senior Management

  • Starbucks

  • Breweries

  • Women in Tech

  • In groups with Married Couples

  • In Job Apps/Recruiting - All looking for MBAs

  • Any Director & Above Title 

  • Digitally - The Blogger World

  • Radio / Television locally / Media

  • When Execs Talk About D&I

  • High-end stores / restaurants (South Park malls, etc.)

  • Greek Life @ Universities

  • IT Services

  • Meetings with my bosses

  • Pilots

  • The elderly (All spaces that practice ageism.)

  • School Administration / School PTA

  • Entrepreneurs / Small Businesses

  • City zoning, demolition, etc.

  • Churches & Extensions of Spiritual Spaces

  • Tattoo Bias

  • Corporate recruiting at colleges

  • Around typically feminine women @ the pool

  • Childless women

  • Unwed mothers (any space that demeans women who are mothers without husbands

  • Low Income

  • Social events where minorities are not the organizers

  • Professional coaching & consulting organization (as an African-American female)

  • Any Hetero-dominated leadership group

  • Theatre programs for youth

  • Government Offices

  • Fashion

  • South End!!!

  • Education / School Volunteer

  • South Park / S. Charlotte, CMS


  • Design Leadership in Architecture Discipline

  • The University

  • Corporate Executive Teams

  • Technology Space & Events

  • Any Hetero-Normative Space

  • Religious educational settings, Some Craft Breweries, Schools & After-School Programs

  • Breweries, Education, Consulting Firms, Radio/Television Locally/Media, IT Services

  • At work in my all-male sales organization that encompasses the downfalls of Corporate America. South End!!

  • Board of Directors, Executive Leadership

  • Education - Faculty / Staff, Employee Communication & Training Networks

  • Fraternity / Sorority Life (Greek Community)

  • Government Offices

  • Workplace Seniority (More Female CEOs)

  • Schools, Professional Associations (less religious), Social venues - Single Mom Bias

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools - Education

  • Socially - I don’t publish content daily / weekly. Sometimes feel less “ambitious” even though I’m genuinely enjoying myself in moments.

  • Hangouts for women, lesbians, teens/young adults who are not feeling accepted.

  • Leadership in Manufacturing Environment

  • Charlotte Art Community

  • Firefighters, Women in Political Science

  • Corporate Offices (coming from educational background)

  • Religious educational settings (having to espouse certain beliefs to do your jobs)

  • Corporate Networking Events

  • Some Gyms

  • Pure Barre

  • Around my dating/married friends

  • Religious Groups

  • My office (& all conferences)

  • Media

  • My daughter’s extra-curricular activities


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

We are currently looking for community & Corporate partners ready to have a conversation. THis group also came up with a list of solutions.

Who’s ready for that list? Contact us here.

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  • Higher Education

  • The gym

  • Bars/football/basketball/ sports

  • Around super conservative Christian friends

  • Internship Application (qualifications)

  • Literature

  • Career Fairs 

  • Tech

  • Investment Banking

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Pageantry

  • Science, math related disciplines / classes

  • First Responders

  • Team meetings where the event was coordinated/managed by male employees (talks / discussions)

  • Lead Pastors