The first female mentorship


for future execs & leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, side-hustlers, and full-time hustlers alike.


why Pop-Up mentor?

Finding mentors doesn’t have to be hard.

We transform how women seek and obtain mentorship. Unlike traditional forms of mentorship— a relationship built over time and trust— we offer members & mentors a ‘no strings attached’ experience.


Choose what you need, when you need it.

Monthly signature events, a member-driven podcast, an online community, career pathing tools,
and of course, plenty of pop-ups.

What members are saying…

This organization feels like home. It is welcoming, eye opening, and a warm place to land after a busy day.
— member, age 34
I did not leave the same as I walked in. There is an energy there that peps you up even after a stressful day at work. It was like wind under my wings. I usually have a hard time going to sleep after our events.
— Member, age 50+
It restored my joy and gave me courage. Courage enough to jump out and start my own business. It didn’t start as a business, though. It started with a baby step of holding a class. Stacy was right there with me encouraging me. Now, my business is starting to take shape. Dreams really do come true!
— Member
This is not only a network, it is an experience that leads to your highest self.
— Member, age 26


About Pop-Up Mentor

We Believe…

That every woman deserves a stage, mic, and an audience ready to learn from her. We haven’t met a woman we couldn’t learn from. The wisdom within our community shapes the next generation of female leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

The mission

We believe that every woman deserves a mic, a stage, and an audience.

-Stacy Cassio, Founder