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Coming Fall 2019:

“Stealing the Mic: A Mentorship Journey”

By Stacy Cassio

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About Stacy

Stacy Cassio is the Founder & CEO of the Pink Mentor Network. Stacy understands the importance of mentorship because her own career was built on the opportunities given to her by mentors.

Stacy has worked in many different industries including insurance investigation, engineering management, manufacturing new product development, and operations for an employee assistance program.  The vast exposure to many industries proved to Stacy the importance of great mentors as a career development tool that can help women connect professional “dots”.

In 2017, Stacy Cassio founded the Pink Mentor Network, Charlotte’s 1st female mentorship community. Today, the network helps thousands of women who are seeking career mentorship.

Every woman deserves a stage, microphone, & audience.
— Stacy Cassio