Episode 1: Interview with Kristen Stegall

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In this episode, Stacy Cassio, the Founder & CEO of Pink Mentor Network, defines who an “Early Adopter” mentor is and how this kind of mentor can help shape your career. Then, Kristen Stegall, the first (returning!) member of Pink Mentor Network, gives her advice on finding a mentor early in her career and how its shaped her journey so far.

Kristen is the Multimedia Designer at Haven Creative, a community branding and communications agency based in Waxhaw, North Carolina. In her spare time, she creates video content for Pink Mentor Network, and for her lifestyle YouTube channel.

 You can learn more about Kristen at www.kristenstegall.com, follow her on Instagram @kristennnrivera, or subscribe to her YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/kristenrivera.

 #Unladylike notes from today’s episode:

  • Be the best, most authentic version of yourself, always

  • Find a strong mentor early in your career. They will be a steady force in this long period of growth.

  • Join Pink Mentor Network – it will change your life!