Developing Charlotte’s Future Female Executives.


Our Purpose

In 2017, we realized that Charlotte’s current female executives desired an outlet to share their professional knowledge, expertise, & wisdom. They wanted to mentor our future leaders but did not have the bandwidth to add another relationship to their already overcommitted lives.

Pink Mentor Network’s Mentorship Collective allows Charlotte’s female leaders the forum to share & develop the young women of our city through a shared commitment to do so.

No. 1 reason why women do not mentor other women is lack of time.
— Dana Wilkie, Online Editor/Manager at SHRM.

BenEFits of A Mentorship Collective:

  • Diversity of Thought & Experience

  • Shared Responsibility to Growth

  • Exposure to a Variety of Styles & Techniques

  • Accountability for Action

  • Varied Approaches to Shared Challenges

  • Community Thought Leadership

  • Facilitates Industry Partnerships

  • Engages All Community Leaders & Influencers