We Are the Future of Your Organization & Our City.



We are looking for Charlotte’s top female talent—current & future. We are also seeking the companies who will invest in shaping it.

When Pop-Up Mentor launched in July 2018, there were two distinct audiences. One of them was young women eager to grow within their current organizations. They came to us looking to level up as a professional to make a greater impact within their companies.

For these reasons we created this Mentorship Collective to support the talent & organizations who may not have formal mentorship programs or focusing more intently on developing their future female leaders.

“Find the smartest people you can and surround yourself with them.”
— Marissa Meyer, CEO, Yahoo!

How the Program works:

  1. Twenty of Charlotte’s Top Employers of Choice are selected for 1-3 program seats.

  2. Organizations will collectively decide on the Mentorship themes.

  3. The Mentorship Collective meets once per month learning from & building upon the program themes & mentors.

  4. Organizational Sponsors will be asked to attend a quarterly session on progress & results.